Zone 4 YP Grant Guidelines and Application

Zone 4 YP Grant

Manitoba, Minnesota, North Dakota, Saskatchewan, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and the portion of Ontario more than 85 degrees longitude west of Greenwich

Rules and Guidelines

These grants are designed to enable Young Professionals in the fair industry to attend the 2024 International Association of Fairs and Expositions Convention in Phoenix, Arizona, December 1 – 4, 2025. The grants will be awarded to a recipient in each state/province of this Zone. The grants will provide up to $500 towards each recipient’s trip for expenses, including hotel and travel costs. The IAFE will pay for convention registration. Recipients will be asked to briefly report their experience of the convention (up to that point) at the Zone 4 meeting during the Convention. *A copy of paid items must be submitted to the IAFE Office after the Convention for reimbursement: hotel registration and travel arrangements.

Two (2) Grants to be awarded in 2023

Guidelines and Eligibility

  1. Must be less than 40 years of age and more than 21 years of age by the first day of the IAFE Convention (December 1, 2024)
  2. Must have never attended the IAFE Convention or have not attended in three or more years
  3. Must be from a fair that is in Zone 4 (board member, staff members, or volunteer)
  4. The Fair representing the nominee must be a current International Association of Fairs and Expositions member.
  5. Grants are not transferable.
  6. Funds received are for the 2023 IAFE Annual Convention. Any unused funds will be returned to the Zone for general use.
  7. *Travel expense receipts will be submitted to the IAFE after the event for reimbursement. Expenses include lodging, air travel, vehicle rental, and mileage for personal vehicles (at the federal reimbursement rate). Lodging and other rental(s) require the name of the grant recipients to be identified on the manifest/rental agreement(s)


  1. Applications are due by August 31. (See below)
  2. Provide a letter from the organization’s CEO or Board President supporting applicants’ participation in the IAFE Annual Conference.


  1. Applications will be “blind” when delivered to grant selection committee members and given “blind judging.”
  2. Judging will be based on an individual score. Each judge will review each application individually and on its merit, assigning a score to the individual application.


  1. Evidence of leadership & involvement – 3 points
  2. Service to the community and fair – 3 points
  3. Outstanding character – 3 points
  4. Essay – 3 points
Zone 4 YP Grant

Zone 4 YP Grant

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First and Last Name
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