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Fairs and Expos Magazine: General Information/Submissions

Fairs & Expos submissions and inquiries should be sent to Brittney Harper.

Feature Articles

Each issue of Fairs & Expos features several in-depth articles on a variety of topics written by IAFE members – both fair and associate members. Through these articles, readers get the benefit of valuable insights and expertise about everything from parking to agriculture.

If you are an IAFE member and you’ve ever said to yourself, “I ought to write about that,” consider submitting an article! Share your experiences, introduce ideas, or even express legitimate gripes that concern the fair industry. You don’t have to be a grammatical expert – our staff will polish your prose and make you shine.

Articles should be approximately 1,500 words. Make sure you also submit a photo of the author and any other photos you’d like to accompany the article.

Fair Reports and Fair Photos

Fair reports contain all the important stats on recent fairs – attendance numbers, entertainment, themes, admission fees, and more. Keep others in the industry informed about your fair by submitting your report each year. We also publish photos from several fairs in each issue.

Fairs & Expos will accept electronic photos in the following file formats: .tiff, .eps, and .jpg. To ensure proper quality, please send photos with a minimum of 300 dpi. Saving files in .jpg format will reduce the size of the e-mail, which helps reduce your uploading and our downloading time. Any files over 1 MB need to be sent one at a time in separate e-mails.

Please send electronic photos for inclusion in the magazine to Brittney Harper. Don’t forget to include descriptions or explanations in your e-mail.

Submit a Fair Report Online

Member News

The F&E staff enjoys writing about what’s new with our member fairs and associates. If your fair or company has expanded, started a new program, signed a new artist, or introduced a new product or service, Fair News or Associates in the News is just the place to share your information. If you routinely send out news releases, add us to your mailing list (email Brittney Harper)! Don’t forget to send us photos with brief descriptions.

Association Affairs

We like to share the highlights of our state and provincial associations of fairs meetings with our readers. Through our Association Affairs department, state and provincial associations can submit programming information regarding their upcoming meetings, as well as highlights after the meetings have taken place. Photos with brief descriptions are always welcome.

Associate Close-Up

The Associate Close-up department recognizes our associate members and all of their contributions to the fair industry. The path to building a business often has several twists and turns, and each issue features the story of how one company became what it is today. If you would like to submit information for Associate Close-Up, see the specific guidelines below. Be sure to send a head and shoulders photograph of the owner, president, or manager, and any other photographs which might enhance the article.

Specific information should include:

  • history and background of your business
  • type of product/service you provide
  • area served
  • total number of key personnel and names of key staff members
  • personal biographical information
  • photo of the owner, president, or manager and any other photos you’d like to include.

The Insider

The Insider is a place for you to share special announcements with your fellow IAFE members. Submissions to The Insider vary, but often include topics like anniversaries, awards, births, new hires, promotions, retirements, weddings, and graduations. Accompanying photos are always welcome.

Other departments:

Competitive Exhibits/Agriculture/Sponsorship Spotlight – Each issue features a winning entry from the IAFE’s Agriculture, Competitive Exhibit, and Sponsorship Awards Contests.

Legislative & Legal Issues – Readers get the latest on the legislative issues that concern fairs and non-profit organizations.

Fair Chatter – Get to know some of the leaders in the fair industry better in this feature.


Submission can be made by e-mailing Brittney Harper.

If you wish to mail information to be included in Fairs & Expos, please send to:

ATTN: Fairs & Expos
3043 E. Cairo St.
Springfield, MO 65802