Safety & Security Boot Camp: Communications


Date and Time

September 21, 2023

2:00pm CDT

2 Hours



$119 per site or sign up, for all Safety & Security Boot Camp courses for $399 per site (See Safety & Security Boot Camp Event)


Presented by:

Ray Allison, CFE
Indiana State Fair

Safety and Security

Boot Camp

Safety & Security Boot Camp: Communications

How do we communicate we are a safe event without saying “we are a safe event.” Are your words matching your actions? Is your team prepared for incident communications? (Preparedness and proactive) Keeping your finger on the pulse – what role do you play? This course addresses How to work with and communicate with your marketing team and PIO’s. Command Centers and communication with your safety & security partners, community and stakeholders. In addition, this course will review emergency response, mitigation, and recovery. Your toolbox may include how to deal with crisis situations but what next? How to you recover and re-open?

About the Presenter

Ray Allison, CFE- Indiana State Fair