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Membership Types


Who? Annual events must incorporate agricultural exhibits, shows, or competitions and at least two of the following: youth programs, commercial or education exhibits, competition in the fine or creative arts, a midway, or an entertainment area.

Annual Dues based on fair attendance:

  • 24,999  and less: $120
  • 25,000-99,999: $210
  • 100,000-199,999: $425
  • 200,000-499,999: $900
  • 500,000-999,999: $1,420
  • 1,000,000 and more: $1,900

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  • Corporations or individuals that provide services, entertainment, exhibits, concessions, equipment, or supplies to a fair; 
  • Allied Associations – agricultural, horticultural, livestock, and other associations with an interest in fairs; 
  • Any annually scheduled event that doesn’t qualify as a fair (i.e., horse shows, livestock shows, community celebrations, trade shows, festivals, etc.)

Annual Dues: $215

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Affiliate members shall consist of individuals currently associated with a fair, show, exhibition, or exposition or once involved with a fair, show, exhibition, or exposition as a staff member or board member who wishes to maintain an affiliation with the Association. Dues shall be paid as determined by the IAFE Board without discount or reduction in convention registration.

Annual Dues: $55

State and Provincial Associations

Industry associations of state and provincial fairs and shows.

Annual Dues: $165


Student members shall be individuals enrolled as full-time students (carrying 12 or more hours per semester or equivalent academic period) in an accredited college, university, or trade school interested in fairs, exhibitions, expositions, or show management. An individual may be a student member for a total of four years. Student members will not have the right to vote in membership meetings but may serve on Association committees. Student members must attach proof of student status with the membership application, e.g., a letter from the Registrar’s Office, a copy of student identification, or a transcript.

Annual Dues: $10

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