Let’s Talk – Sensory Events/Activities at Fairs

Let’s Talk –
Sensory Activities/Events at your Fair


June 7, 2023
2:00 p.m. Central
60 minutes


FREE for IAFE Members


Panelists include:

Amy Craven, Evergreen State Fair, WA

Abbie Green, Child Serve, IA

Ian Cox, Kentucky State Fair

Moderator – Kathy Allen, IFMG, South Carolina State Fair

About the Seminar

Join us for a discussion about sensory events and accommodations at member fairs. Our panelists will describe what they are currently doing to accomodate individuals who have autism or sensory processing disorders, how they coordinate with fair partners ( i.e. carnivals), their community and stakeholders.  Panelists will share their successes and challenges! 

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