Heritage Awards

Heritage Awards – Sponsored by Haas & Wilkerson Insurance

The Heritage Award recognizes fair management personnel who have invested significant effort into making their organization a valuable part of the community.

Heritage Award Nominations

Hundreds of volunteer fair management personnel have worked long and hard to see that the annual event they are associated with is able to continue as a valuable community showcase. The IAFE recognizes these efforts through the Heritage Awards program. Management personnel are those who serve in such capacities as managers, officers, directors, or department heads and are directly active in the success of their fair. IAFE and Haas & Wilkerson Insurance will honor up to five of those individuals yearly with an award of $1,000 cash to the recipient and $500 to the fair that the recipient represents.  

The Heritage Award Application deadline is August 31.

Congratulations to the 2022 Heritage Award Recipients!

Ella Marie Hills
(Washburn County Fair, WI)

Kent Hyde
(Ozark Empire Fair, MO)

Gary McConnell
(Iowa State Fair)

Heidi Steffen
(Linn County Fair Association, IA)

Gary Van Aernam
(Iowa State Fair)

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