Hall of Fame Award

Award presented annually to a deserving member for devoted and invaluable service rendered to the fair industry and the IAFE. This annual award is presented to a single individual for distinguished achievement in exposition management.

Nomination deadline is August 15

Rules and Guidelines

In recognition of devoted and invaluable service rendered to fairs, expositions, shows, and exhibitions, one (1) individual shall be inducted each year into the IAFE Hall of Fame. * See unique circumstances in 5D.

  • The induction will occur at the Annual IAFE Convention.
  • The inductee shall receive an appropriate gift befitting this recognition.


  • The conditions of eligibility are as follows:
  •  The nominee may be living or deceased. A deceased candidate is eligible for five (5) years following his/her death.
  • The nominee shall be any active IAFE fair member or past IAFE fair member whose position is or was a full-time paid position* with an IAFE member fair. A candidate currently not a member is eligible for ten (10) years following his/her separation from the IAFE member fair.  * Full-time is defined as 1,500 hours per year.
  • The nominee shall have been identified with the fair sector for at least ten (10) years. In addition to the nominee’s own fair or association of fairs, the nominee shall also have contributed to fairs, expositions, shows, and exhibitions something of value in the field of leadership and education that has proved of value and will continue to prove to be of value to fairs, expositions, shows, and exhibitions in the future.
  • The nominee shall have been consistent in attending the meetings of the IAFE.
  • The nominee shall have participated actively in the affairs of the IAFE Annual Convention.
  • The nominee shall have developed and built up his/her own fair or association of fairs and his/her own fair staff and working group.
  • Distinguished achievement may include significant contributions to the knowledge and literature of fairs, expositions, shows, and exhibitions; the design or invention of material, equipment, process; or technical services; and/or outstanding service to associations, companies and other organizations serving fairs, expositions, shows, and exhibitions.
  • An IAFE Chair shall not be considered for induction until two (2) years after his/her term expires.
  • Any nominee not selected shall be submitted for consideration each year after that until the nominee no longer qualifies per the rules outlined in Eligibility.


  • The procedure to be followed by the Awards Committee in the selection of the inductee shall be:
  •  The Awards Committee shall consist of a Liaison Director, Awards Committee Chair (the previous year’s inductee who will represent their zone) who shall preside over committee meetings, and seven (7) members appointed by the IAFE Board Chair (one (1) representative from each of the remaining IAFE Zones)
  • Each year, the Awards Committee shall announce that nominations are being received during the induction period ending August 15 of that year. All IAFE active and associate members shall be notified that the nomination form is available to submit a nomination. Such nominations should be accompanied by a memorandum stating the reason for proposing the nominee, along with a record of his/her professional and personal achievements, to provide the committee with information to determine the candidate’s worthiness to be inducted.
  • On or before October 1, the Committee shall review all nominations and supporting materials received. The committee may nominate an additional eligible person(s) for consideration and follow with submitting the proper nomination form(s) and supporting documentation.
  • The selection process consists of committee members reviewing a ballot listing all nominees. Each committee member (except the committee chair and board liaison)shall complete the ballot by ranking all the nominees, with one (1) being his or her top choice, two (2) being their second choice, etc.  The inductee shall be the nominee receiving the lowest total points from all ballots. The Committee Chair shall break any ties and/or select both candidates as recipients. Under unique circumstances and with the consensus of the Awards Committee, the Committee Chair may also identify and recommend to the IAFE Board Chair an additional eligible Hall of Fame inductee for consideration.
  • After the Awards Committee has determined the inductee, the Chair of the Awards Committee will prepare a citation and submit the name of the inductee and citation to the President and CEO of the IAFE to prepare the induction. All Committee records will be deposited with the IAFE President and CEO, who shall act as custodians.
  • All questions other than the inductee selection before the Awards Committee shall be decided by a majority vote of the Awards Committee members eligible to vote.  The Awards Committee shall have the power to decide any question about the selection process not explicitly covered by these rules.
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IAFE Hall of Fame Nomination

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