Government Relations

Government Relations

Logged-in IAFE members can find a variety of sources of information relevant to the fairs and expositions industry in this section.

Agricultural Fairs Rescue Act

All fairs in the United States need to act NOW and contact the U.S. Representative for your district.

Contact your U.S. House Representative TODAY and ask them to sign on to the Omnibus Bill to support Agricultural Fairs. This is important for ALL fairs in the US, most of which did NOT receive financial support from their state or county to make up for the loss of revenue in 2020 and, for some, in 2021. Here is a list to find the contact person for your Representative (this will download an Excel spreadsheet).

– Overview of the Agricultural Fairs Rescue Act

– H.R. 2424 Bill Text

Government Sites

Links to state and provincial governments, as well as federal government offices like the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

DHS Updated Security Measures

Protective measures, IED awareness guidelines, other security resources.

IAFE Your Advocate in Legislation & Media

The IAFE regularly advocates on behalf of its members; it is just one of many benefits provided to you. For a recent example, watch Marla Calico, IAFE President and CEO, address the Washington House Rural Development, Agriculture, and Natural Resources Committee.

IAFE Quick Tips for Fairs to Educate Government Leaders

View our quick tips for making the most of community and government leader’s visit to your fair.

US Music Copyright Exemption

Fairs in the United States are exempt from the payment of royalties for music performed on your fairgrounds during the annual fair. The exemption is for the fair entity only; it does not exempt other entities using or broadcasting music, such as your concessionaires, carnival ride operators, or an entertainer on stage from the royalty payment. Further, under this code, the fair is not liable for payment of the royalty fees in the event the commercial exhibitor, carnival ride operator, or entertainer fails to pay the fee. This exemption is applicable only during the annual event. The exemption is in the US Code, Title 17, Section 110.

OABA’s Government Relations

The latest news on federal and state legislation important to the mobile amusement industry. OABA’s Government Relations