Entertainment I (IFM #133)

Entertainment I

(IFM #133)


Date and Time

March 15, 2023 – 2:00pm CST

90 minutes



$59 per site


Presented by:

Mark Sparks, IFMG, – Vice President, Triangle Talent Agency LLC

About the CyberSeminar: Entertainment I (IFM #133)

This fun and fast paced session will introduce the history of entertainment in fairs, the purposes of entertainment programming, an overview of types of acts and attractions and how they are used, terminology, and overall concepts associated with buying entertainment. Presented by Mark Sparks, Vice President – Triangle Talent LLC.  This is an IAFE IFM for credit course. All IAFE members welcome.

About the Presenter

Mark Sparks is Vice President and Manager of Triangle Talent’s Midwest Office in Springfield, MO and a recognized expert in programming grounds attractions.  A Veteran performer, he has booked and produced grounds entertainment at more than 50 Fairs and venues across the country.