Rock County 4-H Fair DNA and 840ID tag Process

Document Provided by: Rock County 4-H Fair, Wisconsin

Document outlining the process of using 840ID tags along with collecting DNA samples.

Notes from Rock County 4-H Fair, WI: Once the fair selects their six Grand Champion/Reserve Grand Champions (2 beef, 2 lambs, 2 swine) DNA is pulled and blood is drawn. Then the DNA is sent to Animal ID in Texas and blood draws are sent to the Colorado Industrial Labs. It takes about three to four days, then the fair has preliminary tests for blood and comparison results of DNA from original submitted DNA and show day DNA.

Forms below are to be turned into the fair office with the DNA envelopes. On page two of the form, the exhibitor agrees to follow the National Code of Show Ring Ethics and all other rules.





Envelope used to send DNA to Texas and it is stored there until the following January:



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