CARE Act (H.R. 1787)- Contact Your Representative!

Over the next few weeks, all of our members in the U.S. will receive important communication from us asking you to contact your Congressman or Congresswoman, asking them to become a co-sponsor for HR 1787, the Carnivals Are Real Entertainment (CARE) Act.

Passage of HR 1787 will:
– Clarify an existing category of visas for foreign workers, the P Visa, which covers the entertainment industry. Carnival workers should’ve been included in this category years ago.
– Solve the mobile amusement industry’s most pressing issue – having enough reliable workers to operate safely at full capacity.
– Free up about 10,000 H2B visas for the many other industries (fishery, landscaping, resorts) that also need reliable foreign labor.

The CARE Act has bi-partisan support. It is not an immigration issue. It is a workforce issue.

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