Everything Entertainment Toolkit

This toolkit was developed by the 2021 IAFE Institute of Fair Management Entertainment Programming Grad Track enrollees. This extensive toolkit provides numerous entertainment programming resources.

IAFE Swine Influenza Toolkit

This toolkit provides users basic terminology, Measures to Minimize Influenza Transmission at Swine Exhibitions, checks lists, and advice from Swine experts.

CDC E.Coli & Food Safety

A document provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease that provides definitions, keywords, prevention plans and other resources and information.

Clean Hands – Toolkit

Authored by the Federation of City Farms – Farm City Farms – Farm Managers, this toolkit provides resources for establishing handwashing programs. Includes signage examples.

CDC Legionella Toolkit

This toolkit provided by the CDC, provides users with comprehensive tools regarding legionella “legionnaires disease” and Pontiac Fever.  Water Management, Considerations for Hot Tub owners, media tools and risk assessment resources included.

Facility Management Toolkit (2022 IAFE IFM Facility Management Grad Track)

This toolkit was developed by the IAFE Insitute of Fair Management Facility Management Grad Track Enrollees. The 50 plus page document includes chapters on: Master Plan Project – How to Approach Experience Planning Facilities that Create a Safe Environment Meeting the Cleanliness Needs of Event Goers and More How to Fund your Master Plan and … Read more