CARE Act (H.R. 1787)- Contact Your Representative!

Over the next few weeks, all of our members in the U.S. will receive important communication from us asking you to contact your Congressman or Congresswoman, asking them to become a co-sponsor for HR 1787, the Carnivals Are Real Entertainment (CARE) Act. Passage of HR 1787 will: – Clarify an existing category of visas for foreign workers, the P … Read more

IAFE and OABA Critical Conversations Toolkit

Critical Conversations Toolkit provides resources for any sized fair that fosters better, forward-thinking communications between fairs and carnivals.  The document assists each organization a better understanding of each other’s business operations.

Carnival/Midway Incident Communications Map

A basic communications map, provided by the IAFE, that “maps” communication in the event of a carnival/midway incident at your event or at another event in which the media and your stakeholders may want answers about your ride safety.

Best Practices – For the Fair and Carnival Relationship

A best practices document produced by the IAFE and OABA Best Practices committee. The IAFE/OABA Best Practices document focuses on the business practices between fairs and carnivals that identify reasonable business relationships.