CVFM Rules, Guidelines and Application

CVFM Designation Application

Policies, Qualifications & Requirements

Thank you for your interest in the IAFE Certified Volunteer Manager designation. The following contains the official application form, qualifications, and requirements for the Certified Volunteer Fair Manager. Once the application is submitted to the IAFE, it shall become the property thereof, and a copy will not be provided to the applicant. Material misrepresentations in the application will result in it not being considered.

Please note that documents are required to be uploaded throughout the application. Most popular formats are accepted. The $75 application fee can be submitted via your IAFE portal. (Store, CFE application fee) via credit card or a check payable to the IAFE and mailed to IAFE, 3042 E. Cairo St., Springfield, MO 65802, must be received by June 1.

To be considered for a CVFM designation, you must meet the requirements described in the policies, qualifications, and requirements.

  1. PURPOSES: The purposes of the certification program are: a. to provide an incentive for professional improvement in fair management; b. to recognize those who achieve the specific standards; and c. to develop professional status in fair management. Certification also honors those members who have demonstrated their abilities through years of service to their fairs, fair associations, communities, and the Association.
  2. DESIGNATION: Certification as a Certified Volunteer Fair Manager is an individual accomplishment. Referenced by a person certified in volunteer fair management to his or her certification and use of it shall indicate that such certification is an individual accomplishment.
    • Membership: An applicant must be serving as a volunteer in a management-level position at a firm that is an active member in good standing of the IAFE. Volunteer status is when one serves a fair and receives less than $2,500 in remuneration annually over expenses.
    • Management Position: An applicant must have served ten or more years as a volunteer in a management-level position at a member fair. A management-level position is an officer, board member, department head, or superintendent of a member fair.
    • Institute of Fair Management Graduate: Applicant must graduate from the IAFE Institute of Fair Management.
    • Education: A record of formal education, including high school, college, post-graduate courses, or equivalent continuing educational work from accredited adult education courses, correspondence, business, or other accredited courses.
    • Participation in IAFE Activities: Attendance at and participation in annual conventions, management conferences, zone meetings, or seminars at non-convention/conferences, and IAFE-sponsored meetings, special symposiums, CyberSeminars, Summits, judging assignments, and other IAFE-sponsored events and activities.
    • Contributions to the Association: Committee activity, conference program participation, papers presented, offices held, and other services to the Association.
    • Contributions to the Fair Sector: Service to the fair sector and participate in other fair-related associations and activities.
    • Evidence of Management Skills: Evidence indicating management skills of the individual applicant, i.e., advertising brochures, special promotions and programs planned and executed, sector-related reports and presentations, financial statements, etc.
    • Community Activities: Evidence of participation in significant community leadership activities outside the fair or state or provincial fair association management field, i.e., Chamber of Commerce, United Way, 4-H, Boy/Girl Scouts, church, service clubs, fraternal organizations, etc.
    • Statement of Volunteer Principles: Applicant shall write a statement of not less than 150 words on his/her volunteer manager principles related to the production and presentation of fairs. This may be published in the IAFE Fairs and Expos magazine.
    • References: Each candidate for certification shall provide at least three letters of recommendation, addressed to the Certification Committee, relative to association with and management of the applicant’s fair or state or provincial fair association and his/her community’s attitude concerning his/her management skills. One letter must be from a person not associated with a fair or state or provincial fair association; one letter must be from a person associated with the applicant’s fair or state or provincial fair association; and one letter from a person associated with a fair or state or provincial association but not the applicant’s fair or state or provincial fair association.
  4. ADMINISTRATION OF CERTIFICATION: Certification shall be administered by the IAFE through its Board of Directors. The IAFE Chair shall appoint a Certification Committee of four members serving staggered terms not exceeding four years each. Panel members must be Certified Fair Executives.
  5. CERTIFICATION PROCESSING: The IAFE staff will review the application form to ensure that all information is complete and that there is evidence of participation and experience to meet the essential criteria and minimum point standards. After the application has been reviewed, the staff of the IAFE shall turn the application over to the Certification Committee for review. The Certification Committee will then be responsible for recommending the certification of candidates to the IAFE Board of Directors, which shall have the right of final review and approval before granting certification. The announcement of the members approved by the Board shall be communicated to each applicant, and the IAFE shall present the certification.
  6. RIGHT OF APPEAL: If the Certification Committee does not approve an applicant for certification, it shall explain why (s) the applicant was not approved. Applicants may appeal the decision of the Certification Committee in writing to the IAFE Board of Directors. The written appeal shall be submitted to the IAFE Board of Directors by sending said appeal to the executive offices of the IAFE within thirty (30) days after the applicant has been notified of the Certification Committee’s decision. The appeal shall precisely state what portion of the certification Committee’s decision the applicant considers in error. The applicant may submit any supporting documents with his or her appeal that he or she believes appropriate. The Board of Directors shall consider the appeal at a regular or special meeting of the Board of Directors. If any member of the Board of Directors is also a member of the Certification Committee, then such member shall excuse himself or herself from the deliberation of the appeal. The Board’s decision regarding the appeal shall be communicated in writing to the applicant within ten (10) days of the Board’s decision.
  7. EQUIVALENCIES: The Certification Committee, with the approval of the Board of Directors, shall have the right to assign a relative number of points, in any category, for what it judges to be equivalent combinations of training, experience, Association, fair sector, or community participation to those outlined in the criteria. These points shall not be indiscriminately granted but shall be reserved for those special circumstances which could not be covered or anticipated in the general guidelines.
  8. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION: All information about an applicant’s scoring shall be confidential. The existence of an application shall be considered confidential except for those directly concerned. Only approvals for certification shall be publicly announced.
    • The designation “CVFM” may be used following the volunteer’s name on correspondence, letterheads, business cards, and other printed matter where it may appear.
    • Once an applicant has been certified, said designation shall remain with him/her permanently, providing any re-certification requirements that the IAFE Board of Directors may prescribe are met unless decertified by the IAFE Board of Directors.
    • The CVFM designation should be used only so long as the person is active within the fair sector and any re-certification requirements which the IAFE Board of Directors may prescribe have been met. Certified individuals who have not met the re-certification requirements, which the IAFE Board of Directors may prescribe, will lose CVFM designation and use thereof.
    • Any CVFM who becomes a paid executive at an IAFE member fair will be eligible to apply for a CFE (Certified Fair Executive) after five years in a full-time compensated executive management or staff position. All criteria for the CFE program must be met. All qualifying participation in IAFE activities earned before the five years can be included in the CFE application.
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