CPP Workshops

The Consumer Protection Program (CPP)

Extensive training for IAFE members on enteric pathogens such as E. coli. Resources include the CPP Workshop, CPP Toolkit, and CPP Tune-Ups.

CPP Workshops

The IAFE, working with Dr. Stephen Neel of Technical Solutions International, developed the Consumer Protection Program workshop to help fairs understand enteric pathogens such as E.Coli and to provide information on controlling traffic flow in all animal areas (not just petting zoos) creating proper signage, installing hand-wash areas and establishing specific cleaning protocols. The CPP Workshop is offered annually at the IAFE Annual Convention and is required for the IAFE Institute of Fair Management.

The workshop is intensive training and requires approximately seven hours to complete.  

CPP Workshop Format

  • Part 1: Introduction to enteric pathogens: what they are, the impact on fairs, what’s at stake
  • Part 2: Understanding enteric pathogens: some microbiology!
  • Part 3: Analyzing your facility (everyone brings maps and diagrams of their own fair, and time is spent analyzing flow)
  • Part 4: Improving Operational Procedures: signage, hand-washing, waste management, etc.
  • Part 5: Site evaluation exercises: each attendee works with the expert presenters to examine their own facilities and work on ideas/plans
  • Part 6: Record-keeping
  • Part 7: Creating the Consumer Protection Plan

Each attendee will receive resources with the details from the PowerPoint presentation, templates, and tools to return home and develop the best plan for their fair. The IAFE provides certificates of training to each attendee who completes all components of the CPP course.

CPP Toolkit

IAFE members have access to a basic CPP (E. coli) toolkit. This information does not constitute formal CPP training but will provide fairs with a start to their CPP plan.  The CPP toolkit is also available in the IAFE library. 

Contact Lori Hart, CFE, at the IAFE office for more information.