CFE Get Started Guide

Tips to Prepare for your IAFE Certified Fair Executive Designation

Each year the IAFE Certification Committee reviews the CFE program and if need be, makes recommendations to the IAFE Board for approval. The CFE application is generally available annually, early summer. It is important that you complete the application for the year in which you plan to submit your application.

Your documentation process should begin as soon as possible!  Start an electronic file that houses the following: (Remember you must be in a management position for at least five years) *

  1. Management Conference attendance (years)
  2. IFM Summit attendance (years)
  3. IAFE Convention attendance (years)
  4. IAFE Zone Meetings or Seminars at Non-Convention/Convention times (years)
  5. Participation in CyberSeminars (CyberSeminar title and year)
  6. IAFE sponsored events or meetings (Event and year) This includes contest judging, Thirsty Thursday Therapy etc.) *
  7. IAFE committee member (committee, years and years served as a committee chair)
  8. Participation and Membership in allied associations, their events, and activities. (Name of organization years members, participation as a chair etc.) i.e., NICA,OABA, Midwest Fairs.
  9. State and Provincial Association involvement (years, level of involvement, presentations etc.)
  10. F&E Articles (date, title of article and copy of the article)
  11. Financial statements for your organization (From year application is submitted)
  12. Organization chart for your organization (From year application is submitted)
  13. Year-round operation of your fair, or state or provincial association facilities. Save supporting documentation.
  14. Pertinent fair sector surveys conducted. Save results.
  15. Evidence of experience in planning and construction of new or improved fair facilities or state or provincial fair association facilities. Save supporting documentation.
  16. Other evidence of management skills (brochures, newsletters, promotions, or reports) Save supporting documentation.
  17. Speeches on fair production, facilities management and state or provincial fair association management. (Topic, date, and site of presentation, such as schools, civic organizations, community events, etc.)
  18. Community organizations in which you are a member, number of years of service and if any, you have held the top position. I.e., Chamber of Commerce, 4-H, Crime Stoppers, YMCA.

In addition, you will be required to submit a management philosophy as it relates to the production and presentation of fairs.

Three letters of recommendation will be required* (Dated the year your application is submitted)

*The application, guidelines and rules are subject to change. As you finalize your application, you MUST apply via the current year’s application and qualify under that year’s guidelines and rules. 

If you have any questions about how to begin the documentation process for your CFE, contact Lori Hart, CFE – Director of Education and Member Services.