IAFE Contest Marathon

The IAFE Contest Marathon is a day-long, virtual experience. 2022 IAFE contest winners will present their winning entries. Each session is 30 minutes long with a variety of topics from the Agriculture, Hall of Honor Communications, Non-Fair Facility Usage, Competitive Exhibits and Innovation in Sponsorship. The presentation schedule is under the Read more link below! So, join us all day or login for the discussions that interest you. A perfect event to IGNITE new ideas!

Entertainment I (IFM #133)

This fun and fast paced session will introduce the history of entertainment in fairs, the purposes of entertainment programming, an overview of types of acts and attractions and how they are used, terminology, and overall concepts associated with buying entertainment.

Marketing and Advertising Basics (IFM #120)

Explore basic principles of advertising and their role in traditional and non-traditional media. The instructor-led course defines “marketing” and marketing components; common terms, review media mix, and agency relationships. Gain tools to review advertising contracts and identify new media avenues. Course participants receive techniques and methods used in the advertising media process.

CPP (Consumer Protection Program) Tune-Up

If you have completed the IAFE Consumer Protection (CPP) course – it is time for a TUNE UP!  The IAFE has teamed with Technical Solutions International to provide our members, who have completed the CPP course, a 90-minute CyberSeminar that addresses Site Assessment, Protocols and Procedures, Record Keeping, Training and Education, Media Relations and Crisis Communications, and Plan Implementation. More than just a refresher course – our presenters drill down to plan specifics.

Government and Community Relations (IFM #107)

This course provides an overview of the various types of relationships fairs have with governing bodies, explores ideas for creating good relationships, the importance of demonstrating public value, and coalition building. Introduces ideas for working with and for the community and the role a fair plays within their community.  This is an Insitute of Fair Management for credit course – all member’s welcome!