Human Resources I (IFM #103)

Join us at Human Resources I (IFM #103) a session designed to equip fair management professionals and anyone working with paid staff and volunteers with the essential knowledge and skills to optimize their human resources practices. Developed as a for-credit course by the IAFE Institute of Fair Management, and open to all meeting attendees, this session promises to be an invaluable opportunity.

Human Resources II (IFM #203)

The Human Resource journey continues with IFM (#203) Human Resources II. A 90-minute session that reviews the many challenges fairs are facing today. Human Resources I is not a prerequisite and all IAFE members are encouraged to participate. 

Financial Management (IFM #102)

This course, a required, for-credit course of the Institute of Fair Management and is ideal for new board members, staff members who may not work in the finance department, or even volunteers who want to gain knowledge about financial workings of fairs.

De-Escalation: What Is It and How Do We Provide our Staff and Volunteers Training to De-escalate volatile situations. 

Angry and out-of-control guests. Staff and volunteers caught up in a heated exchange. It may all be captured on a cell phone video and goes viral in seconds. Or worse. How can we identify and deal with these situations, but more importantly, train our staff and volunteers to understand and de-escalate? This session will introduce the topic of de-escalation, and then drill down into scalable tactics for training staff and volunteers so that everyone can remain safe during the fair.

Business Planning (IFM #101)

What does it take to develop a successful business plan? This CyberSeminar, presented by the International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE), will provide tools that will aid in developing a business plan.

Agriculture Programming – Public Education (IFM #129)

This course will provide an overview of the role fairs play in agriculture education, how to develop an agriculture education program at your fair, how to incorporate STEM in Ag education, and how to be innovative in educating your fairgoers about agriculture.


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