Associates Award

IAFE Associates Award

Nomination Deadline August 31

Associate of the Year Nominations

The IAFE Associate of the Year Award is to recognize an outstanding individual IAFE Associate Member.


  1. The individual must be an IAFE Associate member, or an individual that is employed by an IAFE Associate Member, in good standing, and has maintained eight (8) years of continuous IAFE membership.
    • Associate Membership is defined as corporations or individuals that provide services, entertainment, exhibits, concessions, equipment or supplies to the fair or expo, show, exhibition or exposition industry; agricultural, horticultural, livestock , and other associations with an interest in fairs whose purposes include the furthering of agriculture; industry and community life through fairs, shows, exhibitions or expositions; or annually scheduled events that do not qualify as a fair (i.e., horse shows, livestock shows, community celebrations, trade shows, festivals, etc.).
  2. An IAFE FAIR member must submit the nomination form (see below)
  3. The award recipient will be notified, in advance, to ensure attendance at the annual IAFE convention.


  1. Involvement in the IAFE 50%.
  2. Involvement in the industry i.e., State and Provincial Associations, NICA, OABA, SLA etc. (20%)
  3. Involvement with the nominating fair, i.e., creativity in programming, customer service, employee appreciation, etc. demonstrating improvements in their services and operations that have enhanced the fair guest experience. (20%)
  4. What do they do beyond their obligations at the nominating fair? (i.e., visit the children’s ward at a local hospital, support local foodbank etc.) (10%)

The Associates Award Nomination deadline is August 31.

Congratulations to the IAFE Associate of the Year Award Recipients

Robert Holmes, IFMG – Spectrum Weather and Specialty Insurance, Inc., (2023)

IAFE Associates Award

IAFE Associates Award

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