Ambassador Program

ANNOUNCING: After a competitive search, the selection committee has announced three industry leaders to serve on the 2024-2025 IAFE Ambassador Team. Those individuals are: 
Sarah Hamilton, Wayne County Fair, NY
Angela Miller, Roosevelt County Fair, MT
Rachel Ungruhn, Mercer County Fair, OH
Congratulations to these members. See below for the complete IAFE Ambassador Team.

2024 – 2025 Ambassador Team

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About Being an IAFE Ambassador

IAFE Responsibilities

IAFE Responsibilities

  1. Provide tools and materials to assist in sharing the IAFE story
  2. Promote and highlight Ambassadors through social media channels, publications, and at IAFE events
  3. Provide IAFE insight within the monthly conference calls
  4. Featured in F&E magazine
  5. Provide training to all ambassadors
  6. Provide Ambassador with a complimentary badge to wear during IAFE activities
Ambassador Duties

Duties of an Ambassador

  1. Social Media engagement
  2. IAFE to provide Ambassadors with social media graphic and hashtag to use to share that they are an IAFE Ambassador
  3. Engage in the IAFE social media accounts: share, like, and comment on posts
  4. Potential to take over the IAFE account(s) if a plan is provided and approved — must be a benefit or activity of IAFE membership, NOT a promotion for personal organization(s)
  5. IAFE member benefits session and/or booth at state/provincial meeting
  6. Make plans with your S&P Executive to engage with the attendees. Examples may include setup and manage an exhibit for IAFE membership; conduct an IAFE Member Benefits workshop
  7. Communicate and engage with your respective zone director to identify avenues to promote IAFE benefits at your zone meeting.
  8. Consider two audiences: (1) nonmembers: why should they join? (2) members who are unsure of how to take advantage of member benefits
  9. Assist respective Zone Director with presenting IAFE member benefits at Zone meetings
  10. Submit publications to the IAFE editorial team: F&E Article, blog, etc.
  11. Connect with both members and non-members to encourage use of IAFE benefits (cyberseminar schedule, Institute of Fair Management, etc.)
  12. Share your IAFE story with others through activities at industry events including fairs
  13. Join fellow ambassadors for IAFE activity updates on monthly conference calls — discuss your efforts to connect with IAFE membership throughout the past month. This is a great time to share ideas.
  14. Engage in visiting member and/or non-member fairs
  15. Remain in ACTIVE status: Attend more than half of all conference calls (half, plus one). For example, if there is a conference call once a month (12), you must participate in at least 7 of them to remain in active status.
Ambassador Benefits

Benefits of Serving as an Ambassador*

  1. Get in front of your peers and network
  2. Allow IAFE to brag to others about your dedication to the industry
  3. Receive points for your CFE/CVFM application
  4. Ambassador Fair Experience — you will be encouraged to go on annual fair visit(s) each year that you serve the association as an ambassador. The selected fair(s) may, or may not, be members of the IAFE. This will serve as your “Capstone Project”. Connect with the fair, share all about the IAFE has to offer, and serve as their fair industry resource.
  5. You will be provided a refund stipend (after receipts are received by the IAFE) of up to $500 to assist with the cost of your fair visit experience (travel, fair admission, food, and beverage, etc.)
  6. You must be an ACTIVE IAFE Ambassador. Active status is defined in the “Duties of an Ambassador” section.
  7. You must get your travel plan approved by the IAFE prior to departure — your destination, overnight accommodations — if needed, who will you visit with, what materials will you take with you, and talking points.

*Liability release form required prior to any IAFE supported reimbursement.